About Me

My name is Corrie and I am the owner and creator of House Hippo Co. I am married to my husband, Ryan, who I met while auditioning for an acrobatic show in Las Vegas (Le Rêve). We ended up getting married and together we have 2 pitbulls, both rescued from different states!

I am a full time acrobat in Cirque Du Soleil and my husband is an acrobat in Absinthe. I have absolutely fallen in love with sewing dog clothing and doing what I can to help my short haired pups stay warm and comfy year round as well as advocate for our beloved bully breeds.

As many of you know, bully breeds can be referred to as house hippo, land/house seal, land manatee, majestic sea cow, pitopotamus, and more. Despite these cute nicknames, bullies have many negative stigmas associated with them, mainly that they are aggressive, but all of us bully owners know these dogs are the complete opposite! They are love bugs that like to curl up next to you, sleep, zoom, watch you go to the bathroom, eat, judge, etc!

When your pup wears a House Hippo Co. item, I hope it helps change the minds of the naysayers who are scared of our beautiful babies and shed some light on the amazing personalities that bully breeds have.

Us, owners, know our dogs are amazing, but hopefully one day the world will see that these dogs make some of THE best companions ever and are irreplaceable.