• We know how comfy your pibble may be sleeping there all peacefully in a nice hoodie or pajamas, but PLEASE do not leave your dog(s) unattended in any dog clothing. I am not responsible for any damages this may cause.

Do you ship internationally?

  • Not yet. I am hoping to be able to in the future, but as a new small business, I'd like to start with the US customer base first and then go from there.

    Do you offer tripod/tri-pawd styles?

    • Yes, but only a front sleeve can be taken off and the item may shift a little as only one front leg will be keeping it in place. Unfortunately back legs can't be removed as the pajamas will have no way of even remotely staying in place.

      Can I send you fabric for you to make me something with?

      • Not currently. However, it is an idea that has crossed my mind about how cool and sentimental that would be, not to mention 100% unique to you.

        Do you take custom orders?

        • Not currently. For questions/inquiries, please email househippoco@gmail.com.