Made in the U.S.A. and supporting small businesses & artists

Look, I know we all want a good deal (I'm Asian, I LOVE me a good deal), but we also want to buy quality products, right? Well, you can feel good about shopping House Hippo Co. because everything I use to make my dog clothing is sourced here in the US. I believe in supporting small and local, and contributing to other's American dream.

From the fabric to the cuffs, I source my materials from small businesses on Etsy as well as work with designers & artists to create custom, unique, cute, and functional clothing.

Rest assured, I am the only one who lays a hand on your items. It doesn't go through a pipeline where multiple grubby hands are touching it before it gets packaged up. Nope, it's all me, in my 10' x 10' guestroom/sewing room.

If you needed more piece of mind, know if I wouldn't let my dogs wear it, I won't let your dog(s) wear it! My standards are higher than teased hair in the 1980's and I quality control every item before it ships out.

If you happen to receive a faulty item, please immediately (or within 7 days or receiving) email with your order number and photos of the issue so I can see what's happened and come up with a solution that works for all of us. (And know I am dying on the inside that I'd let a mistake slip through my fingers like the arrow from Mulan when she and Shang fell off the cliff during that avalanche.)